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Various artists: London Music Now
Philharmonie, Berlin

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November 1, 1972 (13 items; TT = 133:32)
Philharmonie, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Kenny Wheeler (tpt, flh); Harry Beckett (tpt); Mark Charig (tpt, cnt); Dave Holdsworth (tpt); Paul Rutherford (tb); Michael Gibbs (tb); Paul Nyman (tb); Dick Hart (tuba); Trevor Watts (as); Mike Osborne (as); Evan Parker (ts); Dave White (ts); Alan Wakeman (ts); John Warren (bs); Derek Bailey (g); Howard Riley (p, electronics); Barry Guy (b); Jeff Clyne (b); Chris Laurence (b); Tony Oxley (d, perc, electronics); Paul Lytton (d, perc, electronics); Buxton Orr (cond); Unknown (ann)

1 Introduction 1:19
2 Nephritic Tool (T. Oxley) 18:46

Tony Oxley Sextet
3 Introduction 0:29
4 Cat's Flux No. 2 (E. Parker-P. Lytton) 17:31

Evan Parker-Paul Lytton Duo
5 Introduction 0:42
6 Improvisation 1st November (P. Rutherford-D. Bailey-B. Guy) 14:22

Iskra 1903
7 Introduction 0:34
8 Cartridge (H. Riley-B. Guy-T. Oxley) 23:36

Howard Riley Trio
9 Introduction 0:42
10 The Lord Mayor's Show (D. Bailey) 11:30

Derek Bailey solo
11 Introduction 3:10
12 What's Parker Beckett to Me, Mr. Riley? (K. Wheeler) 15:48

London Jazz Composers Orchestra
13 Pirtoj (P. Rutherford) 25:03

London Jazz Composers Orchestra

Recorded at the Berliner Jazztage 1972.

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