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Attila Zoller a.o. (NDR Workshop 92)
Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hannover

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September 14, 1973 (14 items; TT = 114:32)
Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hannover
Source/Quality: RB (A-)

Jim Hall (g); Attila Zoller (g); Keith "Red" Mitchell (b); Daniel Humair (d)

1 My Romance (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) 9:02
2 Extension (A. Zoller) 10:34
3 All Across the City (J. Hall) 5:10
4 Where I Have You (J. Hall) 7:11
5 Troubadour's Meeting (J. Hall-A. Zoller) 19:00
6 Blues in the Closet (B. Powell) 10:06
7 Introduction (Michael Naura) 0:37
8 Bags' Groove (M. Jackson) 11:24
9 Where Would I Be? (J. Hall) 8:00
10 Alicia's Lullaby (A. Zoller) 5:45
11 Body and Soul (J.W. Green-E. Heyman-R. Sour-F. Eyton) 9:35
12 St. Thomas (S. Rollins) 9:26
13 My Romance (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) 8:30
14 Closing announcement (Naura) 0:12

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 92; produced by Michael Naura. The listed titles are from different broadcasted excerpts (hence the duplication of "My Romance") -- one includes the first six items; the other (framed by Naura's announcements) is from a different occasion. In addition to these titles, the group performed several others, including "Careful," "The Birds and the Bees," and "Watch the Girls Go By."

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