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Philharmonie, Berlin

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November 1, 1973 (b) (10 items; TT = 40:05)
Philharmonie, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb); Peter Kowald (tuba); Carlos Ward (as, fl); Sam Rivers (ss, ts, fl, voc); Karl Berger (p, vb, balafon); Frederic Rzewski (p, el-p); Dave Holland (b); Bob Moses (d, perc); Makaya Ntshoko (d, perc); Klaus Hage (d, perc); Ronnie Scott (ann)

1 Introduction (Ronnie Scott) 2:40
2 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (I - We Are) 2:08
3 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (II - Now Is) 6:55
4 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (III - Time is Going On) 10:48
5 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (IV - We Are You) 2:08
6 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (V - Going Out) 6:47
7 Berlin We Are You (K. Berger) (VI - The End) 1:20
8 Unknown Title (encore) 3:55
9 Announcement (Berger, then Ronnie Scott) 2:07
10 Unknown Title (Berger p solo) 1:17

Recorded at Berliner Jazztage 1973. Also on the bill this evening were the Peter Brötzmann Quartett and the Miles Davis Group.

"The End" is just a restatement of the "We Are You" theme.

A less complete version of this set (23:00) has also been broadcast:

Introduction - Achim Hebgen from studio (0:40)
We Are (2:08)
Now Is (inc, 5:25) - splice
Time is Going On (closing fragment, 0:09)
We Are You (2:08)
Going Out (6:47)
The End (1:20)
Unknown Title (3:55)
Closing announcement - Achim Hebgen from studio (0:21)

In his opening announcement, Hebgen mentions six parts of the medley -- "You," "We Are," "Now Is," "Time is Going On," "We Are You," "Going Out," and "The End" -- but I only hear what's listed above.

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