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Audimax, University of Freiburg, Freiburg

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March 18, 1974 (b) (11 items; TT = 90:16)
Audimax, University of Freiburg, Freiburg
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Paul McCandless (oboe, english horn, bcl, ss, perc); Ralph Towner (g, p, tpt, perc); Glen Moore (b, vln, fl, p); Collin Walcott (sitar, tabla, perc)

1 Brujo (R. Towner) 11:22
2 Intro + tuning (Towner) 1:57
3 Dark Spirit (R. Towner) 13:14
4 Unknown Title 13:02
5 Silence of a Candle (R. Towner) 4:26
6 Ghost Beads (R. Towner) 15:03
7 Distant Hills (R. Towner) 7:55
8 Improvisation (Oregon) 9:31
9 Song for a Friend (R. Towner) 3:16
10 Introduction (Walcott) 0:15
11 Aurora (R. Towner) (inc) 10:15

Oregon's first tour of Germany took place in March 1974, and it is well documented by recordings.

  • March 13: Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg
  • March 15: Studio 1 des NDR Funkhauses, Hannover (with Paul Bley)
  • March 18: Radio Studio SWR Villa Berg, Stuttgart (with Wolfgang Dauner)
  • March 18: Audimax, University of Freiburg
  • March 19: Liederhalle, Stuttgart (with Paul Bley)
  • March 20: Unknown venue, München
  • March 21: Sendesaal, Köln

Presumably the first Stuttgart recording was made early in the day, in time for the group to travel to Freiburg for an evening performance.

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