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Anthony Braxton Quartet
New Jazz Festival, Moers

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June 2, 1974 (a) (6 items; TT = 99:54)
New Jazz Festival, Moers
Source/Quality: SB (B+)

Kenny Wheeler (tpt, flh); Anthony Braxton (reeds); Dave Holland (b); Barry Altschul (d, perc)

Disc 1
1 Composition 23B (A. Braxton) 26:52

aka 6---77AR--36K
2 Composition 23E (A. Braxton) 22:46

aka 489--70-2--(TH-B)

Disc 2
1 Composition 40O (A. Braxton) 8:44

aka 72 Kelvin--L
2 Composition 40M (A. Braxton) 18:59

aka BOR-N-K64--M
3 Composition 23F (A. Braxton) 10:53

aka H-488-F64
4 Composition 23D (A. Braxton) 11:40

aka RBHM---KNKK--F

The titles of the compositions are taken from Jason Guthartz's "ReStructures" website, http://www.restructures.net/. An edited version of this music has been issued commercially on Ring 01002.

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