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Albert Mangelsdorff solo
Quartier Latin, Berlin

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November 2, 1974 (c) (7 items; TT = 46:41)
Quartier Latin, Berlin
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)

1 Unknown Title 7:49
2 Unknown Title 10:55
3 Unknown Title 2:23
4 Unknown Title 4:01
5 Unknown Title 3:44
6 Unknown Title 11:40
7 Unknown Title 6:09

Recorded at the 1974 Total Music Meeting, which ran from October 30 through November 3. Also on the program were Paul Rutherford solo, Paul Lytton solo, the Per-Henrik Wallin-Sven-Åke Johansson Duo, the Hans Reichel-Michel Waisvisz Duo, the Peter Brötzmann Trio, the Alexander Von Schlippenbach-Peter Kowald Quartet, Gunter Hampel's Galaxie Dream Band, and the Globe Unity Orchestra.

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