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Hans Reichel, Michel Waisvisz
Quartier Latin, Berlin

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November 2, 1974 (d) (2 items; TT = 26:46)
Quartier Latin, Berlin
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Hans Reichel (g); Michel Waisvisz (putney synth)

1 Unknown Title 15:12
2 Unknown Title 11:34

Recorded at the 1974 Total Music Meeting, which ran from October 30 through November 3. Also on the program were Paul Rutherford solo, Albert Mangelsdorff solo, Paul Lytton solo, the Per-Henrik Wallin-Sven-Åke Johansson Duo, the Peter Brötzmann Trio, the Alexander Von Schlippenbach-Peter Kowald Quartet, Gunter Hampel's Galaxie Dream Band, and the Globe Unity Orchestra.

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