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Terje Rypdal Odyssey
Unknown venue, Stockholm

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December 5, 1974 (6 items; TT = 50:26)
Unknown venue, Stockholm
Source/Quality: aud (B)

Terje Rypdal (g, ss, synth); Torbjørn Sunde (tb); Sveinung Hovensjø (el-b); Svein Christiansen (d)

1 Between Seasons (T. Rypdal) 12:16
2 Darkness Falls (T. Rypdal) 4:49
3 Midnite (T. Rypdal) 9:25
4 Ballade (T. Rypdal) 7:13
5 Better Off Without You (T. Rypdal) 5:30
6 Silver Bird is Heading for the Sun (T. Rypdal) 11:13

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