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John Surman and S.O.S.
BBC Studios, London

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January 27, 1975 (7 items; TT = 29:44)
BBC Studios, London
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

John Surman (ss, bs, bcl, synth); Mike Osborne (as); Alan Skidmore (ss, ts, d); Charles Fox (ann)

1 Introduction (Charles Fox) 1:16
2 Looking for the Next One (A. Skidmore) 14:33
3 Introduction (Charles Fox) 0:49
4 Rashied (J. Surman) 8:57
5 Introduction (Charles Fox) 0:47
6 News (J. Surman) 3:05
7 Announcement (Charles Fox) 0:17

Broadcast on BBC's Jazz in Britain on January 27, 1975.

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