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Keith Jarrett solo
Olympia Theatre, Paris

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February 5, 1975 (4 items; TT = 68:57)
Olympia Theatre, Paris
Source/Quality: aud (B-)

Keith Jarrett (p)

1 Paris, February 5, 1975 (K. Jarrett) (Part 1) 30:52
2 The Survivors' Suite (K. Jarrett) (inc) 13:40
3 Paris, February 5, 1975 (K. Jarrett) (Part 2 (inc)) 16:41
4 In Your Quiet Place (K. Jarrett) (encore) 7:44

The first piece after the first long improvisation is a solo piano version of "The Survivors' Suite" that is cut off at 13:40, and the next improvisation is faded in at that point. It's not obvious how much is missing, so I have listed them separately.

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