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Terje Rypdal Odyssey
Ausbildungszentrum der Oberpostdirektion, Bremen

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March 23, 1975 (7 items; TT = 83:01)
Ausbildungszentrum der Oberpostdirektion, Bremen
Source/Quality: aud (B)

Terje Rypdal (g, fl, ss, synth); Torbjørn Sunde (tb); Brynjulf Blix (org); Sveinung Hovensjø (el-b); Svein Christiansen (d)

Disc 1
1 Unknown Title 11:23
2 Silver Bird is Heading for the Sun (T. Rypdal) 11:20
3 Ballad for Mr. Trumpet - Cosmic Flight (T. Rypdal) 18:12

Disc 2
1 Better Off Without You (T. Rypdal) 20:27
2 Adagio (T. Rypdal) 8:26
3 Midnite (T. Rypdal) (inc) 11:37

Fade out to announcement
4 Closing announcement (with theme) 1:36

The occasion for this show was "Veranstaltung Junge Musik," and the show may have been broadcast several times on Deutschlandfunk's "Jazz Live" show.

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