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Dave Liebman Quartet (NDR Workshop 110)
Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg

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June 8, 1975 (b) (7 items; TT = 49:05)
Onkel Pö's Carnegie Hall, Hamburg
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Dave Liebman (ss, ts, fl); Richard Beirach (p, el-p); Frank Tusa (b, el-b); Jeff Williams (d); Badal Roy (tabla); Michael Naura (ann)

1 Introduction (Michael Naura) 0:14
2 Your Lady (J. Coltrane) 9:11
3 Satya Dhwani (True Sound) (D. Liebman) 17:05
4 Unknown Title 8:42
5 Unknown Title (inc) 3:19
6 Closing announcement (Michael Naura) 0:13
7 The Iguana's Ritual - I'm a Fool to Want You (D. Liebman-F. Sinatra) 10:21

2:35 + 7:46

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 110; produced by Michael Naura. This workshop included several artists perfroming at the first New Jazz Festival in Hamburg. The last title appears on the LP 1. New Jazz Festival Hamburg (Polydor 237 1618).

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