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Manfred Schoof Sextet
Unknown venue, Konstanz

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June 21, 1975 (12 items; TT = 69:30)
Unknown venue, Konstanz
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Manfred Schoof (tpt, flh); Erhard "Ed" Kröger (tb); Michel Pilz (bcl); Jasper Van't Hof (keyb); Dieter Petereit (b, el-b); Ralf R. Hübner (d); Joachim-Ernst Berendt (ann); Achim Hebgen (ann)

1 Introduction (Berendt) 2:53
2 Song of Peace (M. Schoof) 9:26
3 Sing Along (M. Schoof) 10:39
4 Raga Bhairava (M. Schoof) 3:12
5 Introduction (Berendt) 0:32
6 Natsu Nahana (M. Schoof) 5:41
7 Ludus Totalis (M. Schoof) 4:57
8 Introduction (Hebgen) 0:26
9 Six of a Kind (M. Schoof) 12:53
10 Unanswered Questions (R. Hübner) 7:44
11 STT (Some Time Trouble) (J. Van't Hof) 10:58
12 Closing announcement (Hebgen) 0:09

Broadcast on SWF. The first seven items were broadcast live, with Joachim-Ernst Berendt as MC; the last five items are from a studio broadcast of additional music from the same performance, and Achim Hebgen is the presenter.

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