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John Surman Sextet
La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-Pins

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July 24, 1975 (10 items; TT = 59:49)
La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-Pins
Source/Quality: RB (B)

John Surman (ss, bs, bcl, voc); Mike Osborne (as, voc); Alan Skidmore (ts, voc); Dieter Feichtner (synth); Barre Phillips (b, voc); Tony Levin (d); Stu Martin (d); André Francis (ann)

1 Introduction 0:08
2 Unknown Title 5:42
3 Mountainscapes (B. Phillips) 17:56

From 3:52-6:48 Surman and Skidmore play "Caractacus"
4 Unknown Title 8:37
5 Announcement (inc) 0:07
6 Mountain Home (J. Surman) 4:04
7 Introduction 0:29
8 Country Dance (J. Surman) 19:22
9 Flyover (J. Surman) 3:19
10 Announcement 0:05

The first group of titles is announced as "Falling," the last pair as "Country Dance" and Silvercloud." Osborne may play only on "Mountain Home" -- the fragment of an announcement following the tune mentions S.O.S., though the rhythm section is clearly audible during the tune. These performances are probably not all from the same day. From the sound of the music, Levin is the drummer on the first medley, and Martin on the second.

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