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Keith Jarrett Quartet
Unicorn Club, Ithaca

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October 10, 1975 (6 items; TT = 95:33)
Unicorn Club, Ithaca
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Dewey Redman (ts, musette, perc); Keith Jarrett (p, ss, perc); Charlie Haden (b); Paul Motian (d, perc)

First set
1 Spiral Steps (K. Jarrett) 12:44
2 Unknown Title 14:23

This is the tune listed as "Encore a" on Eyes of the Heart
3 Mysteries (K. Jarrett) 11:42
4 Yaqui Indian Folk Song (K. Jarrett) 6:06

Second set
1 Death and the Flower (K. Jarrett) 34:17
2 Backhand (K. Jarrett) 16:21

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