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AMM (Rowe, Prévost)
BBC Studios, London

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April 23, 1979 (a) (3 items; TT = 29:35)
BBC Studios, London
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Keith Rowe (g, prepared g); Eddie Prévost (d, perc); Charles Fox (ann)

1 Introduction (Charles Fox) 2:16
2 Radio Activity (K. Rowe-E. Prévost) 27:02
3 Closing announcement (Charles Fox) 0:17

Broadcast on BBC's Jazz in Britain on April 23, 1979. This is the performance alluded to in Steve Lake's liner notes to the CD reissue of AMM III's It had been an ordinary enough day in Pueblo, Colorado (Japo 60031).

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