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Theo Loevendie Quartet
New Jazz Festival, Moers

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June 1, 1979 (b) (7 items; TT = 56:54)
New Jazz Festival, Moers
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Theo Loevendie (ss); Hans Dulfer (ts); Arjen Gorter (b); Martin Van Duynhoven (d)

1 Introduction 0:46
2 Lapsang Souchong (T. Loevendie) 14:34
3 No Devils (T. Loevendie) 10:03
4 Mike's Mike (T. Loevendie) 8:22
5 Orlando (T. Loevendie) 4:56
6 Beitung (T. Loevendie) 11:54
7 Troll (T. Loevendie) 6:19

The published Moers Festival schedule for 1979 doesn't mention the Loevendie Quartet -- in fact, Loevendie's name isn't in the online Moers Festival database at all. "Lapsang Souchong" and "Troll" were broadcast on American Public Radio in 1980 on one of their Jazz Alive! programs hosted by Michael Cuscuna.

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