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George Sams and United Front
New Jazz Festival, Moers

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June 3, 1979 (b) (8 items; TT = 65:19)
New Jazz Festival, Moers
Source/Quality: SB (B)

George Sams (tpt, flh); Lewis Jordan (as); Mark Izu (b); Carl Hoffman (d); Burkhart Hennen (ann)

1 Introduction 0:38
2 Nothing is More Precious Than Independence and Freedom (L. Jordan-F. Douglass) 9:55
3 Nomadic Winds (G. Sams) 12:42
4 Unknown Title 8:11
5 Unknown Title 13:22
6 Unknown Title 9:55
7 Booked and Bound to Go (G. Sams) (dedicated to Robert Johnson and John Coltrane) 6:41
8 Unknown Title (encore) 3:55

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