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Keith Jarrett solo
La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-Pins

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July 25, 1979 (6 items; TT = 115:25)
La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-Pins
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Keith Jarrett (p)

1 Juan-les-Pins, July 25, 1979 (K. Jarrett) (part I) 43:19
2 Juan-les-Pins, July 25, 1979 (K. Jarrett) (part II) 38:47
3 Untitled (K. Jarrett) 10:30
4 My Song (K. Jarrett) 8:23
5 Never Never Land (K. Jarrett) 5:46
6 Bremen encore (K. Jarrett) 8:40

The tune I've called "Untitled" has Jarrett playing, then clapping a rhythm and encouraging the audience to clap it; he then plays along. (I guess you had to be there.) The final encore uses the same theme as the encore from the Bremen concert (July 12, 1973) included on Solo-Concerts (ECM 1035-37 ST). The crowd recognizes it and applauds as Jarrett begins.

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