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Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting
Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden

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December 1979 (19 items; TT = 124:56)
Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Eje Thelin (tb); Theo Jörgensmann (cl); Perry Robinson (cl); John Carter (cl); Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (cl, as, fl); Gianluigi Trovesi (bcl, ss, as); Bernd Konrad (cl, bcl, cbcl); Didier Lockwood (vln); Stan Tracey (p); Jean François Jenny-Clark (b); Kai Kanthak (b); Aldo Romano (d); Günter "Baby" Sommer (d, perc)

Disc 1
1 Das Dings (E-L. Petrowsky) 6:16
2 Saltarello (G. Trovesi) 8:45
3 Mule Rule (S. Tracey) 7:27
4 Vi-Pi (D. Lockwood-S. Tracey) 6:13
5 Some Other Stuff (J. Carter-P. Robinson) 7:07
6 You Better Fly Away (B. Konrad) 6:02
7 Itagerm (G. Trovesi-B. Konrad) 1:39
8 Blasting Off (P. Robinson) 3:08

Disc 2
1 Clarinet Meeting (B. Konrad) 6:20
2 Element (E. Thelin) 6:16
3 Vieu Pape (D. Lockwood) 4:31
4 Sonatina for Half Horn and Bass (P. Robinson-K. Kanthak) 4:34
5 Hand Work (B. Konrad) 10:23
6 Carneval (E. Thelin) 5:50

Disc 3
1 Baden-Baden Blues (D. Lockwood) 6:47
2 Conzert for Six Clarinets (B. Konrad) 6:48
3 Dreamland Waltz (T. Jörgensmann) 9:09
4 Tale of the Trolls (P. Robinson) 8:07
5 Scenes of the Black Forest (J. Carter) 9:34

Recorded at the 1979 SWF/Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting, the "Clarinet Summit." Discs 1-2 were recorded during the Workshop; disc 3 was recorded during a post-workshop live concert in Mainz.

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