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Mark Charig Quintet
London Musicians' Collective, London

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December 15, 1979 (4 items; TT = 100:46)
London Musicians' Collective, London
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Mark Charig (tpt); Martin Mayes (frh); Larry Stabbins (reeds); Tony Wren (b); Paul Burwell (d)

Disc 1
1 Unknown Title 27:16
2 Unknown Title 22:36

Disc 2
1 Unknown Title 40:44
2 Unknown Title 10:10

Charig's LP Mama Lapato (Bead 20) includes a 26-minute improvisation which is described in the liner notes as "one complete set from the second of two concerts given at the London Musicians' Collective, 14/15 December 1979." The music listed here probably comes from the first concert at the LMC, since the music is wholly different.

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