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Michel Pilz Quartet + Michel Portal
Quartier Latin, Berlin

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November 1, 1980 (c) (3 items; TT = 31:03)
Quartier Latin, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Michel Pilz (bcl); Michel Portal (bcl, as); Peter Kowald (b); J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall (b); Tony Oxley (d)

1 Introduction 0:56
2 Unknown Title 13:47
3 Unknown Title 16:20

Recorded during the Total Music Meeting 1980 (October 29-November 2). Other participants in the TMM included Hans Reichel, the Radu Malfatti-Harry Miller Duo, the Irène Schweizer-Rüdiger Carl Duo, the Peter Brötzmann-Han Bennink Duo, Conrad Bauer with Uwe Kropinski and Peter Gröning, Leo Smith with Peter Kowald and Günter Sommer, and the Blue Notes.

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