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Derek Bailey and Company
BBC Studios, London

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June 1982 (13 items; TT = 59:35)
BBC Studios, London
Source/Quality: RB (B)

George Lewis (tb); Derek Bailey (g); Fred Frith (g); Akio Suzuki (invented instruments); Anne Le Baron (harp); Julie Tippett (g, voc); Philip Wachsmann (vln, electronics); Ursula Oppens (p); Keith Tippett (p, melodica, voc); Motuharo Yoshizawa (b); Charles Fox (ann)

1 Introduction (Charles Fox) 2:55
2 Fortran Spelled Sideways (D. Bailey) 5:52

Bailey, Wachsmann, Frith
3 Introduction (Charles Fox) 2:08
4 Bloch's World (U. Oppens) 9:44

Bailey, Wachsmann, Frith, Lewis, Oppens
5 Moonlight and Ashes (D. Bailey) 4:56

Bailey, Wachsmann, Oppens
6 Unknown Title (inc) 5:06

Frith, Lewis
7 Introduction (Charles Fox) 1:04
8 Titular Absence 1 (A. Suzuki-A. LeBaron) 3:10

Suzuki, LeBaron
9 Introduction (Charles Fox) 1:26
10 Titular Absence 2 (D. Bailey-J. Tippetts) 5:10

Bailey, J. Tippetts
11 Titular Absence 3 (K. Tippetts-M. Yoshizawa) 6:27

K. Tippetts, Yoshizawa
12 Titular Absence 4 (D. Bailey) 11:03

Bailey, J. Tippetts, K. Tippetts, Yoshizawa, Suzuki, LeBaron
13 Announcement (Charles Fox) 0:34

This music, recorded in BBC Studios in mid-June (prior to Company Week 1982), was broadcast on Jazz in Britain on August 9 and 16 1982.

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