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Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting
Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden

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November 1984 (37 items; TT = 224:24)
Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Hozan Yamamoto (shakuhachi); Charlie Mariano (as, ss); Alfred Harth (ts, bcl, tpt, tb); Juan José Mosalini (bandoneon); Krzesimir Debski (vln); Ken Johnson (steel d); Karl Berger (p, mba); Peter Kowald (b); Barry Altschul (d); Trilok Gurtu (tabla, perc); Ponda O'Bryan (cga, perc); Joachim-Ernst Berendt (ann)

Disc 1
1 Again and Again, Again (C. Walcott) 15:11

Solos: Yamamoto, Debski, Mariano, Mosalini
2 Pan Jam (K. Johnson) 4:54

Solos: Johnson, Harth, Berger (p)
3 Naomi (J.J. Mosalini) 15:13

Solos: Mosalina, Yamamoto, Gurtu-O'Bryan, Debski, Mosalini, Mariano (as)-Harth (bcl)
4 Pasha Love (T. Gurtu) 12:01

Solos: Gurtu (voc), Mariano (as), Johnson, Harth (ts), Gurtu (tabla)
5 South Bronx Dance (B. Altschul) 3:53

Solos: Mariano (as), Berger (p), Debski
6 Yalibo (P. O'Bryan) 10:25

Solos: O'Bryan (cga), Mariano (as), Yamamoto, Johnson, Harth (ts), Altschul-Gurtu-O'Bryan
7 Global Village (P. Kowald) 8:53

Yamamoto, Kowald, Altschul, Gurtu, O'Bryan
8 Eujapika (J.J. Mosalini) 6:47

Yamamoto, Debski, Mosalini

Disc 2
1 Kaze (H. Yamamoto) 11:15

Solos: Yamamoto, Berger (p), Mariano, Debski, Mosalini
2 Seijaku (H. Yamamoto) 4:24

Yamamoto solo
3 Jump for Joy (K. Berger) (inc) 5:02

Solos: Berger, Harth (tb), Yamamoto
4 Randy (C. Mariano) 9:14

Mariano, Debski, Mosalini, Berger, Kowald, Altschul
5 Honeymoon at the First World Marriage (A. Harth) 6:36

Solos: Berger (p), Harth (ts)
6 Quo Vadis (Z. Seifert) 10:56

Solos: Debski, Yamamoto, Debski
7 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:46
8 Unknown Title (inc) 2:15

Yamamoto, Berger

Disc 3
1 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:31
2 Unknown Title (announcement continues) 4:30
3 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 1:45

Berendt eulogizes Collin Walcott
4 Again and Again, Again (C. Walcott) (In memoriam Collin Walcott) 10:20

Solos: Yamamoto, Debski, Berger, Mariano, Gurtu, Mosalini
5 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 1:39
6 Quo Vadis (Z. Seifert) 9:39

Solos: Debski, Yamamoto
7 Naomi (J.J. Mosalini) 14:07

Yamamoto, Mariano, Mosalini, Debski, Berger, Gurtu
8 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:25
9 Global Village (P. Kowald) 8:27

Yamamoto, Kowald, Altschul, Gurtu, O'Bryan
10 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:25
11 Jump for Joy (K. Berger) 7:02

Solos: Johnson, Mosalini, Yamamoto, Debski, Berger
12 Introduction 1:11
13 Randy (C. Mariano) 9:42

Mariano, Debski, Mosalini, Berger, Kowald, Altschul
14 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:16
15 Pan Jam (K. Johnson) 5:44

Solos: Mariano, Johnson, Berger (vb), Harth

Disc 4
1 Applause 0:04
2 Eujapika (J.J. Mosalini) 8:16

Yamamoto, Debski, Mosalini
3 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:40
4 Kaze (H. Yamamoto) 11:20

Solos: Yamamoto, Berger (p), Mariano, Debski, Harth (tpt), Mosalini
5 Introduction (Joachim-Ernst Berendt) 0:28
6 Closing announcement 0:08

Discs 1-2 include music recorded during the Baden-Baden New Jazz Meeting in Südwestfunk Studios in Baden-Baden. Discs 3-4 were recorded at a public performance on November 22, 1984 at Kurfürstliches Schloss in Mainz.

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