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Mal Waldron and Friends
Jazz Middelheim, Antwerp

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August 16, 1997 (16 items; TT = 109:50)
Jazz Middelheim, Antwerp
Source/Quality: aud (A-)

Mal Waldron (p); Joe Henderson (ts); Reggie Workman (b); Andrew Cyrille (d); Jeanne Lee (voc); Abbie Lincoln (voc)

Disc 1
1 Happy Birthday (Traditional) 0:46

Audience sings to Mal Waldron
2 Solo medley (M. Waldron) 16:11
3 Introduction (Waldron) 0:42

Waldron introduces Jeanne Lee
4 The Seagulls of Kristiansund (M. Waldron) 9:54
5 Introduction (Lee) 0:10

Lee introduces next tune
6 Soul Eyes (M. Waldron) 6:11
7 Introduction (Waldron) 0:35

Waldron introduces Reggie Workman and Andrew Cyrille
8 Fire Waltz (M. Waldron) 8:24
9 Champs-Élysées (M. Waldron) 12:23
10 Introduction (Waldron) 0:36

Waldron introduces Abbie Lincoln
11 Straight Ahead (O. Nelson) 6:04
12 God Bless the Child (B. Holiday-A. Herzog, Jr.) 7:11
13 Introduction (Waldron) 0:43

Waldron introduces Workman, Cyrille, and Joe Henderson

Disc 2
1 The Git Go (M. Waldron) 16:00
2 Judy (M. Waldron) 14:40
3 The Theme (M. Davis) 9:20

This concert was a celebration of Mal Waldron's 70th birthday.

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