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Soupsongs: The Music of Robert Wyatt
Royal Festival Hall, London

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November 11, 1999 (14 items; TT = 67:52)
Royal Festival Hall, London
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Harry Beckett (tpt); Annie Whitehead (tb); Didier Malherbe (reeds); George Kahn (reeds); Ian Maidman (g, voc); Phil Manzanera (g); Janette Mason (keyb); Liam Genockey (d); Julie Tippett (voc)

1 Alliance (R. Wyatt) 5:59
2 Introduction 0:08
3 Team Spirit (R. Wyatt-P. Manzanera) 7:22
4 C.P. Jeebies (R. Wyatt) 4:42
5 September the Ninth (R. Wyatt) 6:25
6 Little Robin Hood (R. Wyatt) 6:28
7 Alifib - Alife (R. Wyatt) 10:34
8 Introduction 0:21
9 A Sunday in Madrid (R. Wyatt) 6:10
10 Sea Song (R. Wyatt) 5:33
11 The Duchess (R. Wyatt) 5:08
12 PLA (R. Wyatt) 3:00
13 Introduction 0:06
14 Alien (R. Wyatt) 5:56

An earlier live performance of the Soupsongs project (October 10, 1999 at the Palace Theatre in Nottinghamshire) was recorded and has been officially released. This is the only other live performance I know of. There is almost certainly more material from this performance than what is listed above.

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