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Conrad Bauer, Barre Phillips, Günter Sommer
Deutschland Radio Studio 10, Berlin

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October 19, 2002 (12 items; TT = 100:40)
Deutschland Radio Studio 10, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (A-)

Conrad Bauer (tb, fl); Barre Phillips (b); Günter "Baby" Sommer (d, perc, tpt)

Disc 1
1 Umpa for Opa (C. Bauer) (inc) 14:40
2 Let's Let (C. Bauer) 15:31
3 Amoroso (C. Bauer) 14:14
4 Announcement 0:22
5 Unknown Title (inc) 1:33

Barre Phillips duo with Peter Kowald

Disc 2
1 Bötz mit P. (C. Bauer) 10:07
2 Announcement 2:26

Phillips eulogizes Peter Kowald
3 Peter Peter (C. Bauer) 13:16
4 Take it Ouzo (C. Bauer) 14:19
5 Times Time (C. Bauer) 7:05
6 On the Good Old Line (C. Bauer) 6:46
7 Closing announcement 0:21

Peter Kowald was to be the bassist on this date, but he died in New York on Saturday September 21, 2002. Phillips replaced him for this show, which turned out to be a celebration of Kowald. Recorded by Thomas Westphal.

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