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Evan Parker Trio
Unknown venue, Austin

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May 3, 2003 (7 items; TT = 69:37)
Unknown venue, Austin
Source/Quality: aud (B+)

Evan Parker (ss, ts); Alexander Von Schlippenbach (p); Paul Lytton (d, perc)

1 Unknown Title 19:04
2 Unknown Title 9:31
3 Unknown Title 8:09
4 Unknown Title 7:24
5 Unknown Title 9:39
6 Unknown Title 6:49
7 Unknown Title 9:01

The trio of Evan Parker, Barry Guy, and Paul Lytton booked a tour of several U.S. cities in spring 2003, but Guy was unable to make the tour, so Schlippenbach replaced him at the last minute. Two concerts from this tour (Seattle and New Orleans) have been released on CD on Parker's Psi label.

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