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Globe Unity Orchestra
Festspielhaus, Berlin

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November 3, 2006 (15 items; TT = 88:20)
Festspielhaus, Berlin
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

Kenny Wheeler (tpt, flh); Manfred Schoof (tpt); Jean-Luc Capazzo (tpt); Axel Dörner (tpt); Paul Rutherford (tb); Johannes Bauer (tb); Jeb Bishop (tb); George Lewis (tb); Evan Parker (ss, ts); Gerd Dudek (ss, ts, fl); Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (as, bs, cl); Rudi Mahall (bcl); Alexander Von Schlippenbach (p, prep p); Paul Lovens (d, perc); Paul Lytton (d, perc)

Disc 1
1 Introduction (Reinhard Kager) 2:10
2 Introduction 2:59
3 Globe Unity 40 Years (A. von Schlippenbach) 19:11
4 Out of Burton's Songbook (W. Breuker) 12:13
5 Introduction 2:13
6 Bavarian Calypso (A. von Schlippenbach) 5:16
7 Introduction 1:45

Schlippenbach talks about the band
8 Introduction (Reinhard Kager) 0:34
9 Nodagoo (K. Wheeler) 6:11
10 The Dumps (S. Lacy) 13:01
11 The Forge (A. von Schlippenbach) 7:43
12 Closing announcement 0:37

Disc 2
1 Introduction (Reinhard Kager) 1:16
2 The Dumps (S. Lacy) 12:46
3 Closing announcement (Reinhard Kager) 0:25

Recorded at the Jazzfest Berlin. A rare appearance by Kenny Wheeler, who was recovering from a stroke and takes a nice solo on "Nodagoo."

This combines two FM broadcasts: one from Südwestfunk Radio 2 (SWR-2), May 31, 2007 and another from Deutschlandfunk (DLF), September 17, 2007. The provenance of the various items listed above is as follows:

Introduction (R. Kager) (SWR-2)
Introduction (unknown) (DLF)
Globe Unity 40 Years (SWR-2)
Out of Burton's Songbook (DLF)
Introduction (unknown) (DLF)
Bavarian Calypso (SWR-2)
Introduction (Schlippenbach) (DLF)
Introduction (R. Kager) (SWR-2)
Nodagoo (DLF)
The Dumps (DLF)
The Forge (DLF)
Closing announcement (DLF)
Introduction (R. Kager) (SWR-2)
The Dumps (SWR-2)
Closing announcement (R. Kager) (SWR-2)

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