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Sam Rivers, Dave Holland, Barry Altschul
Miller Theatre, New York

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May 25, 2007 (7 items; TT = 100:10)
Miller Theatre, New York
Source/Quality: aud (B)

Sam Rivers (ss, ts, fl, p, voc); Dave Holland (b); Barry Altschul (d, perc)

Disc 1
1 Announcement 3:40
2 Introduction (Sam Rivers) 4:29
3 Unknown Title 50:24
4 Announcement 1:23

Disc 2
1 Introduction (Sam Rivers) 2:34
2 Unknown Title 34:03
3 Closing announcement (Monique Rivers) 3:37

WKCR-FM devoted a week in mid-May 2007 to a "Sam Rivers Festival," and at the end Rivers reunited with his trio from the 1970s. This music was recorded at that reunion concert, which was attended by members of Rivers' family as well as many of the musicians he's played with over the years (Henry Grimes, Joe Daley, Cecil Taylor, e.g.).

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