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Live Music Query Form

Use this form to search in my collection of unissued live music for tunes, musicians, groups, locations, and years. You can also select from among a handful of general categories (Moers Festival, Total Music Meeting, etc.).









Select an item from one of the drop-down lists -- sorry, you cannot select more than one -- and you'll see a list of recordings matching the condition you specify. You can then look at details for individual sessions matching your query.

Last updated: 6/15/2023.

To return to the main live recordings page, click here. If you're looking for Miles Davis or Charlie Parker sessions, use the Miles Davis or Charlie Parker sessions lists elsewhere on this site.

In most cases I don't know the history of these recordings -- who made them and with what gear, what generation they are, etc.

Quality (I use +/- for finer-grained distinctions)

A = Excellent: full sound, good highs, no clipping.
B = Good: some loss of highs, dull transients, clipping.
C = Poor: getting hard to listen to.

Sources of the music

RB = Radio broadcast (with details where known)
TV = Television broadcast (with details where known)
aud = Audience or band recording
SB = Studio or soundboard recording

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