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Miles Ahead: Other Miles Davis Websites

Here are some other Miles Davis and Charlie Parker websites. Some of these sites -- Klaus Werner's Kind of Blue, George Cole's The Last Miles: The Music of Miles Davis 1980-1991, and Paul Tingen's Miles Beyond: The Electric Explorations of Miles Davis 1967-1991 -- will provide much more information about Miles Davis' later recordings than you will find here.

Official Miles Davis Website
The Official Miles Davis Website, with MP3s, biography, and lots of merchandising links.

The Music of Miles
Tommaso Urbano's remarkable website with hundreds of transcribed Miles Davis solos, plus insightful essays about sessions.

Kind of Blue
Maintained by Klaus Werner, with discography, sidemen biographies, and a terrific series of drawings by Herbert Joos.

George Cole's The Last Miles
A website companion to George Cole's The Last Miles (University of Michigan Press, 2004), "the first book to focus exclusively on the final decade of Miles’s life and music."

Paul Tingen's Miles Beyond
Maintained by Paul Tingen, whose book Miles Beyond: The Electric Explorations of Miles Davis, 1967-1991 came out in May 2001.

Miles Davis Online
Jeffrey Hyatt's blog: "The goal is to share the joy of Miles Davis with everyone and to bring as many opinions and ideas, feelings and memories as possible to the party."

The Electric Mile
"The Electric Miles Davis Virtual Museum"

CD Japan Miles Davis List
CD Japan is a good resource if you're interested in Japanese compact discs, movies, etc.

Record Reviews
David Bertrand Wilson and John Alroy's reviews of Davis recordings.

Aloha Miles: 1988-1989 Waikiki Shell Concerts
Maintained by Jerry S. Justianto, with photos.

Charlie Parker Websites

Charlie Parker at the Discography Project
An extensive discography and sessionography maintained by the Jazz Discography Project.

Chasin' the Bird
This site was created as an oasis for BIRD chasers fascinated with Charlie Parker.

Bird's Legacy
Maintained by Wasaburo Miura, with lots of discographical resources, cover art, and collectors' notes.

Bird Lives
Llew Walker's extensive site with interviews, gallery, and lots of insightful essays.

Phil Schaap Jazz: Radio
Phil Schaap's archive of Bird Flight broadcasts, and much besides.

Charlie Parker
Hideki Murayama's Charlie Parker site (in Japanese)

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