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AFRS Broadcast

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AFRS Broadcast (30:21)
Private recording
Recorded Unkn 1954
Unknown studio, Stuttgart

Leo Blackburn (tb); Walt Dickerson (vb); Carl Hendricks (p); Dave Kleinburg (b); Sammy Mapp (d); Unknown (ann)

Unknown Title [opening theme]0:58
Robbin's Nest (I. Jacquet-C. Thompson) [with introduction]5:20
Hallelujah (V. Youmans-L. Robin-C. Gray) [with introduction]3:18
Isn't It Romantic? (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) [with introduction]5:19
Deep Purple (P. DeRose-M. Parrish) [with introduction]2:38
Sweet Georgia Brown (B. Bernie-M. Pinkard-K. Casey) [with introduction]2:22
Time Was (G. Luna-M. Prado-B. Russell) [with introduction]4:16
Barbados (C. Parker)3:26
Unknown Title [closing theme]2:44

Dickerson was stationed in Stuttgart in 1954 and was a member of the Seventh Army Symphony. This performance probably occurred during this period.

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