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I Hear You John

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I Hear You John (73:18)
SteepleChase SCCD 31146
Originally issued as SteepleChase SCS 1146
Recorded Oct 2, 1978
Vaerkstedet, Holbaek, Denmark

Walt Dickerson (vb); Andy McKee (b); Jimmi Johnsun (d)

I Hear You John (W. Dickerson) [McKee out]35:16
We Wish You Well, Wilbur Ware (W. Dickerson) [CD only]38:02

Dickerson plays with the theme of "My Favorite Things" at 27:23-28:08 of "I Hear You John." Following the applause he says "That was very historic... I Hear You John... Speaking to one of my favorite people, John Coltrane... Thank you." There is an audible splice at 32:51 but it isn't clear how much music is missing.

"We Wish You Well, Wilbur Ware" consists of a Johnsun drum solo (0:00-13:26); a McKee bass solo (13:26-21:20); and a trio for the rest of the track.

In addition to these two titles, the group also performed two improvisations and another Dickerson original entitled "My Friend Bob." A few days later (October 10), the group performed at Jazzhus Montmartre:

  1. The Nexus
  2. Love is You
  3. The Cry
  4. You Will
  5. Interim Love
  6. A Beauty in Love

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