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Landscape with Open Door

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Landscape with Open Door (47:23)
SteepleChase SCCD 31115
Originally issued as SteepleChase SCS 1115
Recorded Sep 30, 1978
Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen

Pierre Dørge (g, perc, gong); Walt Dickerson (vb, perc, gong)

Song for Irene (P. Dørge)1:03
Tribute to Master Tchicai (P. Dørge)4:07
Landscape with Open Door (P. Dørge)10:35
Mirjam's Blue Umbrella (P. Dørge)1:46
Bossa Kodania (P. Dørge)4:56
Green Symmetry/Witches Weep and Dance (P. Dørge)17:40
Tai-Gong (P. Dørge)7:16

On this date Dickerson also recorded an improvisation that was released as "Warm Up I" and "Warm Up II" on a 45 rpm promotional single, The SteepleChase Artist 1980 (SteepleChase SCS 1980/1).

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