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To My Queen Revisited

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To My Queen Revisited (48:27)
SteepleChase SCCD 31112
Originally issued as SteepleChase SCS 1112
Recorded Jul 6, 1978
C.I. Recording Studio, NYC

Walt Dickerson (vb); Albert Dailey (p); Andy McKee (b); Jimmi Johnsun (d)

Liz (W. Dickerson)5:29
The Ultimate You (W. Dickerson)13:41
To My Queen Revisited (W. Dickerson)23:47
Liz (W. Dickerson) [take 1, CD only]5:30

"Liz" is a reworking of "Elizabeth," a Dickerson original from his first New Jazz LP; "To My Queen Revisited" revisits the title tune of Dickerson's fourth New Jazz LP.

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