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Charlie Parker session details

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January 3-6, 1948 (2 items; TT = 3:13)
New Savoy Hotel Ballroom, Chicago IL
Private recording (Tape) (C+)

Charlie Parker (as); Miles Davis (tpt); Irving "Duke" Jordan (p); Tommy Potter (b); Max Roach (d)

1 The Chase (T. Dameron) 1:34

Parker quotes "Country Gardens" (0:47-0:51)
2 Drifting on a Reed [Big Foot] (C. Parker) 1:39

1 The Chase
CD: Philology Volume 14 (W 844), Volume 65 (W 896)

2 Drifting on a Reed
CD: Philology Volume 14 (W 844), Volume 65 (W 896)

These items are very fragmentary, consisting of Parker solos only, and poor quality throughout. "The Chase" is the Tadd Dameron tune, not, pace the Philology notes, the Wardell Gray/Dexter Gordon tune.

The Parker Quintet played a four-day gig at the Pershing Hotel Ballroom from January 3-6; on Saturday the 3rd they played a dance at the New Savoy Ballroom opposite the Claude McLin Combo.

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