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Charlie Parker session details

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May 1, 1950 (1 item; TT = 20:09)
Unknown venue, New York NY
Private recording (Tape) (B)

Charlie Parker (talking); Chan Parker (talking); Marshall Stearns (interviewer); Jim Maher (interviewer)

1 Interview 20:09

1 Interview
12" LP: Bird Box 01-22 LP 5, Philology Volume 5 (W 19), Volume 6 (W 29)
CD: New Sound Planet JUTB 3004, Sound Hills SSCD 8020, Philology Volume 7 (W 57), ESP-Disk 4050

This is the interview in which Parker describes the events of the session in January 1945 when Rubberlegs Williams mistakenly drank Parker's coffee, which had been spiked with benzedrine. The full text of the interview is available elsewhere on this site.

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