Miles Ahead: Prestige Equivalents

The Miles Ahead database contains details for all of Miles Davis's Prestige recording sessions, and many of the records. I have included here the original Prestige 12" LPs, along with the Japanese Victor LPs (SMJ-65xx series) released in the 1970s. Also listed are various Victor CD equivalents (VICJ-23xxx series and beyond), and the Fantasy CDs issued as part of the Original Jazz Classics series. I use the word "equivalent" a little loosely, to include issues with substantial common material as well as issues with exactly the same titles. There are now several series of Victor CDs, and most of the Prestige catalog is available in 20-bit/88.2KHz (K2) versions (VICJ-20xx series) and now 24-bit K2 versions with cardboard sleeves (VICJ-604xx series, VICJ-411xx series). In addition, some titles are available on 16-bit XRCDs; and Victor has begin reissuing some of the Prestige catalog on DVD Audio discs (VIAJ-60xxx series).

Also listed are some of the more common U.S. LP reissues, including twofers. If you are interested in other formats (78 rpm, 45 rpm, 10" LP), look at the Prestige equivalents query form elsewhere on this site. Prestige (and later Fantasy) reissued these records many times, often with different covers. For a full accounting of these matters, see the appendix to Michel Ruppli's excellent The Prestige Label: A Discography (Westport: Greenwood Press, 1980). A full list of the Prestige labels is available elsewhere on this site.

All of the Prestige recordings (minus a few false starts and studio chatter) are included on Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings, available on twelve LPs (Prestige P-012 or Victor VIJ 5090/101) or eight CDs (Fantasy PCD 012 or Victor VICJ 40225/32, the latter set using 20-bit/88.2 KHz mastering).

The Great Prestige Recordings (Analogue Productions APJ 035) includes the five Prestige recordings by the "first quintet" (Miles, Cookin', Relaxin', Workin', and Steamin'); these have also been issued as ten 45-rpm LPs (APJ 035-45). These titles are also included in the 18-CD set The Complete Prestige Recordings of John Coltrane (Victor VICJ 60573/90 [= VICJ-41461/79]), and they've been collected, along with some live material from 1955-1958, on the 4-CD set The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions (Fantasy PRCD 4444).

The table below lists title and original LP issue, Japanese LP, Fantasy OJC CD, Japanese CD, Prestige LP reissues, and Fantasy twofers, respectively. It does not include Prestige or Victor compilations of Miles Davis material.

Last updated: 5/29/2012

Miles Davis and Horns
Victor SMJ-6523Fantasy OJCCD-053JVC/Victor VICJ-23603, VICJ-2012, VICJ-60421, VICJ-41507, Universal UCCO-9304Prestige 7168 (Early Miles) (only take 2 of "Blue Room"), Prestige 7674 (Early Miles) (both takes of "Blue Room")Prestige P-24054 (Miles Davis)

Sonny Rollins and the Modern Jazz Quartet
Victor SMJ-6583Fantasy OJCCD-011JVC/Victor VICJ-23706, VICJ-2011, VICJ-60282, Universal UCCO-9090, UCCO-9260Prestige 7269 (Sonny and the Stars)Prestige P-24082 (Takin' Care of Business)

Victor SMJ-6524Fantasy OJCCD-1726Universal UCCO-9421Prestige 7827 (Ezz-thetic), New Jazz 8295 (Ezz-thetic), Prestige 7744 (Conception)Prestige P-24082 (Takin' Care of Business), Prestige P-24054 (Miles Davis)

Victor SMJ-6525Fantasy OJCCD-005JVC/Victor VICJ-23543, VICJ-2015, VICJ-60301, VICJ-41031, VICJ-41508, Universal UCCO-5039, UCCO-9038, UCCO-9239, UCCO-9658Prestige 7281 (Diggin' with the Miles Davis Quintet), Prestige 7744 (Conception), Prestige 7457 (Miles Davis Greatest Hits)Prestige P-24054 (Miles Davis)

Live at the Barrel
Prestige PCD-24117JVC/Victor VICJ-2016, VICJ-41253Prestige 7858, Prestige 7860

Collectors' Items
Victor SMJ-6526Fantasy OJCCD-071, Prestige PRTB 7044JVC/Victor VICJ-23605, VICJ-2019, VICJ-60342, VICJ-41252, VICJ-41509, Universal UCCO-5069, UCCO-9037, UCCO-9269, UCCO-9660, UCCO-9815Prestige 7822 (Miles Ahead) (4 tracks from 1/30/53), Prestige 7847 (Oleo) (3 tracks from 3/16/56)Prestige P-24022 (Collectors' Items)

Blue Haze
Victor SMJ-6527Fantasy OJCCD-093JVC/Victor VICJ-23606, VICJ-2024, VICJ-60441, VICJ-41155, Universal UCCO-5106, UCCO-9094, UCCO-9663Prestige 7457 (Miles Davis Greatest Hits), Prestige 7352 (Miles Davis Plays for Lovers), Prestige 7822 (Miles Ahead)Prestige P-24022 (Collectors' Items)

Victor SMJ-6528Fantasy OJCCD-213, Prestige PRCD 7076JVC/Victor VICJ-23572, VICJ-2033, VICJ-60264, VICJ-61045, VICJ-41028, VICJ-41506, Universal UCCO-5025, UCCO-9018, UCCO-9165, UCCO-9219, UCCO-9656, UCCO-9807Prestige 7608 (Walkin'), Prestige 7457 (Miles Davis Greatest Hits), Prestige 7352 (Miles Davis Plays for Lovers)Prestige P-24077 (Tune Up)

Bags' Groove
Victor SMJ-6520Fantasy OJCCD-245, Prestige PRCD 7109JVC/Victor VICJ-23571, VICJ-2035, VICJ-60263, VICJ-61044, VICJ-41027, VIAJ-60016, VICJ-41505, Universal UCCO-5008, UCCO-9004, UCCO-9208, UCCO-9502, UCCO-9651, UCCO-9832Prestige 7457 (Miles Davis Greatest Hits), Prestige 7650 (Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants), Prestige 7847 (Oleo)Prestige P-24012 (Tallest Trees)

Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants
Victor SMJ-6529Fantasy OJCCD-347, Prestige PRCD 7150JVC/Victor VICJ-23542, VICJ-2037, VICJ-60281, Universal UCCO-5028, UCCO-9017, UCCO-9228, UCCO-9504, UCCO-9657, UCCO-9837Prestige 7650 (Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants), Prestige 7373 (Miles Davis Plays Jazz Classics)Prestige P-24012 (Tallest Trees)

Musings of Miles
Victor SMJ-6518Fantasy OJCCD-004JVC/Victor VICJ-23601, VICJ-2040, VICJ-60341, VICJ-41156, Universal UCCO-5096, UCCO-9093, UCCO-9296, UCCO-9506, UCCO-9662, UCCO-9842Prestige 7221 (The Beginning), Prestige 7352 (Miles Davis Plays for Lovers)Prestige P-24064 (Green Haze)

Miles Davis and Milt Jackson Quintet/Sextet
Victor SMJ-6530Fantasy OJCCD-012JVC/Victor VICJ-23604, VICJ-2047, Universal VICJ-60343, UCCO-5094, UCCO-9092, UCCO-9661Prestige 7540 (Odyssey)

Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet
Victor SMJ-6531Fantasy OJCCD-006JVC/Victor VICJ-23602, VICJ-2050, VICJ-60302, VICJ-41154, Universal UCCO-5064, UCCO-9039, UCCO-9264, UCCO-9659, UCCO-9812Prestige 7254 (The Original Quintet), Prestige 7352 (Miles Davis Plays for Lovers)Prestige P-24064 (Green Haze)

Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Victor SMJ-6532Fantasy OJCCD-190, Prestige PRCD 7129, PRSA 7129JVC/Victor VICJ-23504, VICJ-5093, VICJ-60266, VICJ-60125, VICJ-2063, VICJ-61047, VICJ-41025, VICJ-41605, Universal UCCO-5012, UCCO-9020, UCCO-9212, UCCO-9652, UCCO-9804, UCGO-9002Prestige 7373 (Miles Davis Plays Jazz Classics), Prestige 7457 (Miles Davis Greatest Hits)Prestige P-24001 (Miles Davis)

Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Victor SMJ-6503Fantasy OJCCD-296, Prestige PRCD 7166JVC/Victor VICJ-23505, VICJ-5095, VICJ-60267, VICJ-60126, VICJ-2064, VICJ-61048, VICJ-41029, VICJ-41606, Universal UCCO-5019, UCCO-9022, UCCO-9219, UCCO-9654, UCCO-9834Prestige P-24034 (Workin' and Steamin')

Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Victor SMJ-6533Fantasy OJCCD-391, Prestige PRCD 7200JVC/Victor VICJ-23506, VICJ-5094, VICJ-60268, VICJ-60128, VICJ-2065, VICJ-61049, VICJ-41030, VICJ-41607, Universal UCCO-5022, Universal UCCO-9021, UCCO-9222, UCCO-9655, UCCO-9836Prestige 7580 (Steamin' with the Miles Davis Quintet), Prestige 7373 (Miles Davis Plays Jazz Classics), Prestige 7352 (Miles Davis Plays for Lovers)Prestige P-24034 (Workin' and Steamin')

Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet
Victor SMJ-6534Fantasy OJCCD-128, Prestige PRCD 7094JVC/Victor VICJ-23503, VICJ-5092, VICJ-60265, VICJ-60265, VICJ-60127, VICJ-2087, VICJ-61046, VICJ-41026, VIAJ-60009, VICJ-41604, Universal UCCO-5015, UCCO-9019, UCCO-9162, UCCO-9215, UCCO-9653, UCCO-9802Prestige 7373 (Miles Davis Plays Jazz Classics)Prestige P-24001 (Miles Davis)

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