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March 9, 1972 (1 item; TT = 4:06)
Columbia Studio E, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia

Miles Davis (tpt); Wally Chambers (hca); Cornel Dupree (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); Bernard Purdie (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc); Wade Marcus (brass arr); Billy Jackson (rhythm arr)

1 Red China Blues (M. Davis) 4:06

1 Red China Blues
12" LP: Columbia KG 33236, CBS/Sony SOPJ 90/1, CBS/Sony 28AP 2163/4, CBS/Sony 36AP 1783/4
CD: Columbia C2K 63970, Columbia C2K 63970, Columbia Legacy C6K 06239, CBS/Sony 50DP 712/3, Sony SRCS 5726/7, Sony SRCS 9126/7, Sony SRCS 9741/2, Sony SIGP 22/3, Sony SICP 848/9, Sony SICP 1228/9, Sony SICP 20065/6, Sony SICP 30271/2, Sony SICJ 30096/7, Sony SICP 1581/6, Columbia Legacy 86975 24922

This was Davis's first studio session since June 1970. According to Paul Tingen (Miles Beyond), Davis overdubbed the trumpet parts several weeks after the recording of the basic track. Davis's playing is very formulaic, as are the arrangements.

Davis's health problems during this period -- hip trouble, gallstone surgery -- precluded an active touring schedule and kept him out of the studio. The only engagements for which I have documentation (thanks to Ron Fritts) are a one night show at the University of Iowa, Ames (February 19), a one-off performance at Clarkson College of Technology which may or may not have taken place (February 20; the concert listing reads, "Concert - Miles Davis, 3:00 PM ATC Gym $3 Admission - if its still on."), and a five-day stay at Rochester's Nugget emporium (March 28-April 1), where the personnel include Bartz, Jarrett, Henderson, Mtumi [sic], and Don Allessi [sic], with "Kiki" on drums (perhaps Tiki Fullwood, of Parliament-Funkadelic, as Mark White has suggested to me). This Rochester engagement must be one of the last with the Bartz/Jarrett group. Davis was looking to shift gears. The On the Corner sessions coming in June introduce a new crop of young players, some of which would find their way into the touring band.

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