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John Coltrane with Earl Bostic Orchestra
Unknown studio, Los Angeles

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August 15, 1952 (4 items; TT = 10:18)
Unknown studio, Los Angeles
Source/Quality: SB (B)

Joe Mitchell (tpt); Earl Bostic (as); Rudy "Pinky" Williams (as, bs); John Coltrane (ts); Harold Grant (g); Gene Redd (vb, tpt); Joe Knight (p); Ike Isaacs (b); Charles "Specs" Wright (d)

1 You Go to My Head (H. Gillespie-J.F. Coots) 3:08
2 The Hour of Parting (G. Kahn-M. Spoliansky) 2:24
3 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (J. Kern-O. Harbach) 2:30
4 For You (A. Dubin-J. Burke) 2:16

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