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Hans Koller a.o. (NDR Workshop 26)
Ruhrfestspiele, Vestlandhalle, Recklinghausen

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June 29, 1962 (10 items; TT = 45:53)
Ruhrfestspiele, Vestlandhalle, Recklinghausen
Source/Quality: RB (B)

Rolf Ericson (tpt); Ron Simmonds (tpt); Bengt-Arne Wallin (tpt); Ack Van Rooyen (tpt); Rob Pronk (tpt); Erich Kleinschuster (tb); Nat Peck (tb); Willie Meerwald (valve tb); Rolf Schneebiegl (frh); Robert Politzer (tuba); Fatty George [Franz Georg Pressler] (cl); Arne Domnérus (as, cl); Herb Geller (as); Hans Koller (ts); Ronnie Ross (bs); Friedrich Gulda (p, bs, arr); Jean "Toots" Thielemans (g, hca); Georg Riedel (b); Egil "Bop" Johansen (d)

1 Brasilia (G. Riedel) 2:38

Solo: Ericson
2 Airegin (S. Rollins) 5:03

Solos: Thielemans (hca), Gulda (p), Johansen (4s)
3 Training (H. Koller) 5:51

Solos: Reidel, Wallin
4 Good Morning, Judge (R. Ross) 4:48

Solos: Ross, Koller, Geller/Koller/Ross/Johansen (4s)
5 Free Way for Horns (H. Koller) 5:05

Solos: Pronk, Ericson, Wallin, Van Rooyen, Simmonds
6 Air from Another Planet (F. Gulda) 6:12

Rhythm section only except for some horn obbligatos in the middle. Solo: Gulda
7 Feeling Certain (H. Geller) 4:36

Solos: Geller, Thielemans (g)
8 Die Alte Bassgeige (G. Riedel) 4:35

Solo: Reidel
9 Eva (F. George) 4:39

George, Thielemans, and rhythm section only. Solos: George, Thielemans (g), Reidel
10 H.G. Blues (H. Koller) 2:26

NDR Jazz Workshop No. 26; produced by Hans Gertberg. In addition to the items listed above, the group performed several others: "Blues" (6:28), "4 + 3 = 7" (6:00), "Breezy (4:25), "Sto-vie-lon" (5:40), "Music for Three Soloists and Band" (20:35), "Stella by Starlight" (6:11), and another version of "H.G. Blues" (1:25). The ten titles listed above are included on the LP NDR-Jazzworkshop Concert Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen 1962 (Columbia (G) C 83342).

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