Miles Ahead, 20th century Versions

These are the earliest remnants of Miles Ahead that I've been able to find, courtesy of's Wayback Machine.

Main page, ca. 1996-1997. Click image to enlarge
Of course I had no right to use Lee Tanner's photograph, but it had graced the cover of the then-newly-released Mosaic LP set of the Plugged Nickel recordings, and I thought it looked cool.

Miles Ahead main page, 1997

Discography, early 1997. Click to enlarge
Behind each of those discographical links at the bottom (and many more) was a separate HTML file -- an incredible nuisance, with the need for emendations, inevitable broken links, duplication, etc. But it was around this time that critic Terry Teachout said some kind things about Miles Ahead in a New York Times essay about music resources on the internet.

Miles Ahead discography, 1997 (click to enlarge)

Miles Ahead, mid-1998. Click to enlarge
Simpler (as befits my negligible design skills), and still all hand-written HTML.

Miles Ahead main page, 1998 (click to enlarge)

Miles Ahead, mid-1999. Click to enlarge
A few new features added -- tape-trading list, and MFs Anonymous, with information supplied by members of the late lamented Miles-L listserv.

Miles Ahead main page, 1999 (click to enlarge)

Miles Ahead, late 1999. Click to enlarge
Note the link to Miles Ahead v2.0 -- that's the Access-driven website running on a Windows server.

Miles Ahead main page, 2000 (click to enlarge)

Miles Ahead v2.0, late 1999. Click to enlarge
Here's the main page for the new 'n' improved Miles Ahead.

Miles Ahead v2, late 1999 (click to enlarge)

Miles Ahead v2.0, mid-2000. Click to enlarge

Miles Ahead v2, mid-2000 (click to enlarge)
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