Acknowledgments, Credits, and Tips of the Hat

Jan Lohmann's excellent discography (see below), although long out of print, is an essential work for anyone with a serious interest in Miles Davis's music. All Miles Davis aficionados owe Jan Lohmann a debt of gratitude. For almost thirty years Jan has been very generous in sharing information, music, and encouragement; Miles Ahead would be much poorer without his contributions.

For just as long, Enrico Merlin has shared with me his passion for Miles Davis's music, many analyses of issued and unissued recordings, and his expert knowledge of the early electric years (1968-75). An early sample of his work is available on this site: "Code MD: Coded Phrases in the Early Electric Period" (1996). He contributed a terrific sessionography to Paul Tingen's Miles Beyond (2001). He and Veniero Rizzardi published Bitches Brew: Genesi del capolavaro di Miles Davis (Milano: Il Saggiatori, 2009), a brilliant analysis of the techniques used by Miles Davis and Teo Macero in the early electric period. His most recent project, Miles Davis 1959: A Day-by-Day Chronology, was just released and can be purchased from his website.

Tommaso Urbano's careful transcriptions of Miles Davis solos have shed a lot of light, especially on the early recordings. Check out his remarkable website, The Music of Miles.

Chris DeVito has been very generous, too, supplying me with dates, venues, and photocopies of advertisements and reviews that have filled out the chronology. His archival research has made it possible to correct many errors, to replace "unknown date" and "unknown venue" with specific and documented information, and generally to make Miles Ahead a more useful place. (The main focus of Chris DeVito's attention is John Coltrane, including the magisterial John Coltrane Reference. See below for citation.)

Tom Yamaguchi has kept me informed of (and often supplied with) Japanese releases of Miles Davis recordings. Hiroshi Tanno, who used to own Early Records in Fukuoka, has helped fill gaps in the discography. And Klaus Werner has generously shared items from his vast collection of Miles Davis treasures.

John Schiebaan has found many errors and inconsistencies, and has shared a lot of information with me, especially about European releases. Kevin Carswell has made a lot of helpful corrections, too. I've been helped by Craig Neilson's expertise on the early recordings in California and elsewhere, and Christian Legault has shared with me his researches into Miles Davis' performances in and around Montreal.

Pat Buzby, Greg Chappee, and Michael Vicari have helped clarify the early electric period. Their careful analyses of recordings from this period have saved me from several errors.

Thanks also to many others who have offered corrections, additions, and suggestions, or answered questions -- notably James Accardi, Steve Berkowitz, Oscar Bianco, Harry Coenen, Michael Cuscuna, Mark Freeman, Pascal Garnier, Larry Gregan, John Keisers, Yoshiharu Kuwahara, Axel Van Looy, Al McMahill, Lasse Nikkarev, Paul Van Oost, Leif Bo Petersen, Mike Rishavy, Richard Seidel, and Jim Szabo. Many others -- too many to mention, but you know who you are -- have traded live shows with me, supplied me with cover art, etc. Thanks!

There are several Miles Davis sites on the internet; links to some of them are available here. And if you want to read more about Miles Davis, look at the bibliography elsewhere on this site.

I have used discographical information from a number of published sources:

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