HONR 218C Western Intellectual Heritage: The Hero and Society

A Rough Chronology of the Texts

Author Work Date
Homer Iliad ca. 675 BCE
Bible Judges (Samson story) ca. 600 BCE
1-2 Samuel (David story) ca. 550 BCE
Sophocles Antigone 441 BCE
Oedipus the King 429 BCE
Aristophanes Clouds 423 BCE
Plato Apology of Socrates, etc. ca. 390 BCE
Virgil Aeneid 19 BCE
Anonymous Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ca. 1400 CE
Machiavelli The Prince 1513 CE
Shakespeare Henry V 1599 CE
Milton Samson Agonistes 1670 CE

* The early sources for Judges and Samuel were written down much nearer the events, ca. 1000 to 900 BCE, but were edited to something like their present form.

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