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Charlie Parker session details

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April 1950 (4 items; TT = 16:49)
Unknown venue, New York NY
Private recording (Tape) (C)

Charlie Parker (as); Unknown (tpt); Unknown (as); Unknown (p); Unknown (b); Freddie Gruber (d)

1 Groovin' High (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 4:10
2 The Great Lie (B. Gibbons-C. Calloway) 4:13
3 Unknown Title (Blues) 3:55
4 How High the Moon (N. Hamilton-M. Lewis) 4:31

1 Groovin' High
CD: Philology Volume 20 (W 850)

2 The Great Lie
CD: Philology Volume 20 (W 850)

3 Unknown Title (Blues)
CD: Philology Volume 20 (W 850)

4 How High the Moon
CD: Philology Volume 20 (W 850)

Almost nothing is known about this session. It seems likely that these tunes were recorded around the time of the Gene Roland session -- Freddy Gruber has said that some of the band's rehearsals ended with the rhythm section jamming, and it's possible that this is what we have here.

I'm grateful to Leif Bo Petersen for help with this session.

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