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Charlie Parker session details

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February 16, 1953 (4 items; TT = 14:21)
Band Box, New York NY
WMGM-AM radio broadcast (B-)
Show chatter

Charlie Parker (as); Bill Harris (tb); Charlie Mariano (as); Harry Johnson (ts); Sonny Truitt (p); Grieg Stewart "Chubby" Jackson (b); Morey Feld (d)

1 Foogereemi (with voiceover introduction) (B. Harris) 6:26
2 Introduction (Leonard Feather) 1:04
3 Your Father's Moustache (B. Harris) 5:09
4 Interview (Leonard Feather, Charlie Parker) 1:42

3 Your Father's Moustache
12" LP: Bird Box 01-22 LP 19
CD: New Sound Planet JUTB 3015, Sound Hills SSCD 8031, Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Volume 21 (W 851), Volume 34 (W 865), Rare Live Recordings RLR 88667, Frémeaux & Associés FA 1342

This is from a Jazz Caravan broadcast. All of these items are included on an 8" acetate issued by Radiodiffusion Française. I am grateful to Wasaburo Miura for sharing a copy with me.

Parker plays only on "Your Father's Moustache."

An unknown vocalist plus several band members sing the "Ah, Your Father's Moustache" jingle early on. This is followed by a long solo by Johnson, with riffing horns behind him. As Parker enters, Ed Stokes shouts, "Here comes Charlie Parker!" (2:41-2:44), and Parker takes a nice six-chorus solo (2:40-4:42).

The interview with Leonard Feather, during which Parker is presented with two plaques for the Down Beat readers' poll, is sometimes included with the Band Box recording from March 23, but it belongs here. Thanks to Wasaburo Miura, and to Dean Chambers and James Accardi for help with the session.

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