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Charlie Parker session details

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June 26, 1953 (8 items; TT = 17:48)
Birdland, New York NY
WABC-AM radio broadcast (B-)
Show chatter

Charlie Parker (as); Sonny Stitt (ts); Hank Mobley (ts); Earl "Bud" Powell (p); George Duvivier (b); Max Roach (d); Bob Garrity (ann)

1 Just One of Those Things (incomplete) (C. Porter) 2:31
2 Introduction (Bob Garrity, Parker) 0:29
3 Star Eyes (D. Raye-G. DePaul-P. Johnston) 4:30

Parker quotes "The Song is You" at 1:51-1:53, and "Happy Birthday" at 2:58-3:00
4 Introduction (Bob Garrity) 1:07
5 Moose the Mooche (incomplete) (C. Parker) 4:41

Cut at 2:32
6 Lullaby of Birdland (incomplete) (G. Shearing-G. Weiss) 0:15
7 Ornithology (C. Parker-B. Harris) 3:53
8 Lullaby of Birdland (G. Shearing-G. Weiss) 0:22

This acetate was may have been recorded off the air. Parker does not play on the first tune, but both Mobley and Stitt are audible. Stitt returns for "Ornithology."

This broadcast was also recorded off the air by Chan Parker, with baby Pree in the room (her cries can be heard at 1:48 of "Star Eyes" on that version).

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