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Miles Ahead session details

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February 18, 1970 (10 items; TT = 65:13)
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Bennie Maupin (bcl); John McLaughlin (g); Sonny Sharrock (g, echoplex); Chick Corea (el-p, echoplex); Dave Holland (el-b); Jack De Johnette (d)

1 Willie Nelson (rehearsal (drums)) (M. Davis) 9:19
2 Willie Nelson (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 4:25
3 Willie Nelson (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 3:46
4 Willie Nelson (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 4:37
5 Willie Nelson (take 1) (M. Davis) 3:19
6 Willie Nelson (take 2) (M. Davis) 7:40
7 Willie Nelson (take 3) (M. Davis) 10:20
8 Willie Nelson (insert 1) (M. Davis) 6:30

Edited (6:40) on Columbia Legacy C5K 86359 and equivalents
9 Willie Nelson (insert 2) (M. Davis) 5:22
10 Willie Nelson (issued composite) (M. Davis) 9:55

6 Willie Nelson (take 2)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

7 Willie Nelson (take 3)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

8 Willie Nelson (insert 1)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

9 Willie Nelson (insert 2)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

10 Willie Nelson (issued composite)
12" LP: Columbia KC 30445, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory MFSL 1-440, CBS/Sony SOPC 57110, CBS/Sony SOPN 99, CBS/Sony 20AP 1405, Vinyl Me, Please A017
CD: Columbia CK 47036, Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory UDSACD 2150, CBS/Sony 32DP 709, CBS/Sony CSCS 5153, Sony SRCS 9120, Sony SRCS 9718, Sony SRGS 4504, Sony SICP 1222, Sony SICP 20060, Sony SICP 431/5, Columbia Legacy 86975 24922 [= Columbia (F) 86975 52492] (CD 35)

Prior to the release of the Complete Legacy Jack Johnson Sessions (Columbia Legacy C5K 86359), this version of "Willie Nelson" -- much more spirited than the remake from February 27 -- was only issued as part of "Yesternow" on side B of Tribute to Jack Johnson. Several edits are audible there, e.g. at 4:53 and 4:57. Here is a rough guide to the territory:

Yesternow 13:57-18:34 = Willie Nelson take 3 (0:04-4:43)
Yesternow 18:34-18:49 = Willie Nelson insert 1 (5:50-6:05)
Yesternow 18:49-18:53 = Willie Nelson insert 1 (6:21-6:25)
Yesternow 18:53-23:52 = Willie Nelson insert 2 (0:08-5:13)

The liner notes to Columbia Legacy C5K 86359 state that take 2 of "Willie Nelson" was used in the issued version of "Yesternow"; but as the list above indicates, take 3 was used along with insert 1 and 2.

Corea had discovered the echoplex and adds it to his instrument on takes 2-3 and insert 1; Sharrock uses the echoplex during insert 2, where Corea does not play.

Davis had various groups in the studio throughout the first half of 1970 -- fourteen dates in the first half of the year! Some of the music recorded in the studio during this period -- e.g. "Willie Nelson," "Honky Tonk," "The Mask" -- was immediately added to the live book.

The Davis Sextet maintained a busy touring schedule throughout this period: Cellar Door, Washington (January 12-17); Spectrum, Philadelphia (January 18); Schwab Auditorium, Pennsylvania State University (February 14); Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor (February 21); Fillmore East, New York (March 6-7); Fillmore West, San Francisco (April 9-12); Shelly's Manne-Hole, Los Angeles (April 14-26); Both/And Club, San Francisco (April 28).

Thanks to Mark White and Pat Buzby for his help with this session, and to Ron Fritts for help with Davis' itinerary.

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