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Miles Ahead session details

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March 20, 1970 (8 items; TT = 44:10)
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Steve Grossman (ss); John McLaughlin (g); Herbie Hancock (org); Dave Holland (el-b); Lenny White (d)

1 Sugar Ray (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 1:59
2 Sugar Ray (take 1) (M. Davis) 3:28
3 Sugar Ray (take 2) (M. Davis) 0:46
4 Sugar Ray (take 3) (M. Davis) 7:46
5 Sugar Ray (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 21:52
6 Untitled original 700320 (inc) (M. Davis) 0:29
7 So What (inc) (M. Davis) 2:37
8 So What (inc) (M. Davis) 5:13

4 Sugar Ray (take 3)
12" LP: Columbia CAS 55858, CMG 19439860581
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

The issued take of "Sugar Ray" is edited: the passage from 0:03-0:37 from take 3 has been removed.

The short fragment of an unknown tune is a mystery. So is the inclusion of "So What." But Grossman was relatively new to the group, and what better way to work your way into the Davis oeuvre?

Davis had various groups in the studio throughout the first half of 1970 -- fourteen dates in the first half of the year! Some of the music recorded in the studio during this period -- e.g. "Willie Nelson," "Honky Tonk," "The Mask" -- was immediately added to the live book.

The Davis Sextet maintained a busy touring schedule throughout this period: Schwab Auditorium, Pennsylvania State University (February 14); Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor (February 21); Fillmore East, New York (March 6-7); Fillmore West, San Francisco (April 9-12); Shelly's Manne-Hole (April 14-26); Both/And Club, San Francisco (April 28).

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